International Federation of Dental Hygienists New Product Showcase
Nov/Dec 2021

BioMin F - setting new standards in the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity.

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BioMin F toothpaste represents a major step forward in oral healthcare. The toothpaste is the result of over a decade of scientific research into mineral releasing bioactive glass materials at Queen Mary University of London. After brushing with BioMin F toothpaste, the very fine bioactive glass particles chemically bond to the tooth surfaces and slowly dissolve in saliva to release Calcium, Phosphate and Fluoride ions for up to 12 hours. These minerals combine to form acid resistant fluorapatite which crystalizes on the tooth surfaces, and particularly to the walls of any exposed dentine tubules for effective treatment of dentine hypersensitivity as well as remineralising damaged tooth structure.

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BioMin F toothpaste mimics and enhances the way saliva replaces lost mineral on tooth surfaces and is designed to protect and provide relief from the effects of sensitivity, acid erosion and initial enamel decay. Surveys of users and prescribers of BioMin F toothpaste indicate very high-level acceptance of the light mint flavour and fine texture of the toothpaste. The majority of users reported that their teeth felt cleaner for longer compared to their usual toothpaste and after 2 weeks of use. In addition, 65% of those suffering from long term dentine hypersensitivity reported that either the symptoms had either disappeared or had been significantly alleviated. Additionally, it is widely reported that sensitivity caused by tooth whitening products may be minimised with the regular use of BioMin F without impact to the whitening performance.

The Oral-B® iO™ Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush
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The Oral-B® iO™ Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush delivers a WOW experience your patients can’t resist, and an exceptional clean for healthier teeth and gums. Its advanced features include:

  • The innovative magnetic drive delivers concentrated energy where it’s needed most, allowing the brush head to glide tooth by tooth for a smooth, quiet cleaning experience.
  • The Oral-B iO™ Ultimate Clean and Gentle Care brush heads combine oscillation rotations with the gentle energy of micro-vibrations for an enjoyable experience and a sensational clean.
  • A Smart Pressure Sensor lights up green when optimal pressure is applied and red when the pressure is too hard.
  • It includes Artificial Intelligence technology with an easy-to-navigate interactive display with up to 7 brushing modes, depending on the model, for your best clean in all areas of the mouth complete with a pro-timer to encourage brushing for at least 2 minutes.

Randomized controlled studies, ranging from single-use evaluations to 6-month trials, show the Oral-B iO technology provides significantly greater gingival health and plaque removal benefits compared to manual and sonic toothbrush controls. In a recent 6-month study, Oral-B iO showed statistically significantly greater gingivitis and plaque reductions than an advanced model sonic toothbrush when both were used in smart-connected mode. Subjects using the Oral-B iO had 5.9 times greater odds of transitioning to “periodontal health” (less than 10% bleeding sites) by Month 6 than those using the sonic brush. Based on its extensive efficacy and safety data, the Oral-B iO has received the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.

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