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April 2023
IFDH Newsletter
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A Talented & Dedicated Board Working Together to
Strengthen Our Role in the Oral Health Community

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Wanda Fedora RDH

2023 has arrived with many opportunities and as a federation, it is a time to allow those opportunities to guide us. The Board of Directors has celebrated 6 months of working together and we are seeing each other's strengths come through as a team. That team is dedicated to bringing the best out in each of our members to strengthen our role in the oral health community.

Read more of our President's Message, including:
Our Board Meets at IDS Site
Strategic Planning 2023: Review, Assess. Grow!
HoD Communications a Priority
IFDH Programs Growing
Our 2023 Oral Health Summit
My Continued (Virtual) Journey

Read the full message.

House of Delegates 2023 Virtual Meeting Announced

Saturday, September 9th, 2023
10 am ET/ 4 pm CET

At our last two HoD meetings, the HoDs stressed interest in meeting annually between each International Symposium Therefore, the IFDH Board has announced there will be a 3-hour, VIRTUAL meeting on:

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2023 Summit Provides Motivation, Inspiration & Guiding Actions for Dental Hygienists

IFDH 2023 Global Oral Health Summit

The virtual 2023 IFDH Global Oral Health Summit, again, brings together influential worldwide leaders and stakeholders for 3 hours, to discuss how Dental Hygienists can contribute to reduce the burden of oral health diseases and its economic global impact.

In our third Summit in 3 years, we continue to provide Dental Hygienists with valuable information and tools to understand and implement the:
-WHO Global Strategies on Oral Health
-FDI Sustainability Initiative.

Saturday November 4th, 2023
10 am ET / 4 pm CET

Click for more on Speakers, Topics and Registration.

International Symposium on Dental Hygiene 2024:
Save the Dates!

International Symposium on Dental Hygiene 2024

Plans are well underway by the Local Organizing Committee for the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene 2024 (ISDH) in Seoul, Korea.

Dates to Save: July 11-13, 2024

If you were not able to attend the HoD Meeting and ISDH in Ireland in August 2022, see the highlights and photos.

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2022 IFDH Research Grant Awardees Announced

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Congratulations to the recipients of our Research Grants for 2022. Thank you to our Education Committee for their extensive review of applications.

Thomas Knoors

Common Practices of Dental Implant Maintenance Among Dental Hygienists in Belgium

Anna Ness

Strong Children: The Role of lndigeneity on Oral Health and Nutrition of First Nations Children.

Click for more info on the winners and their research.

Impact Awards Selected

The second year for our Impact Awards are for national association programs that made the most impact on the improvement of oral health, and based on the quality of the program, awarded based on the size of the organizations.

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The winners have been selected and will be announced at the HoD Virtual Meeting in September.

DEADLINE for your organization to apply for your best 2023 program is January 15th, 2024.

New Survey & White Paper
Coming Soon!

After having completed 7 global surveys of Dental Hygienists since 2019, IFDH is in the final stages of its 8th survey entitled "Oral Hygiene Instructions."

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Past surveys include:
Electric Toothbrushes
The Oral Systemic Link
Pediatric Patients
Elderly Patients
Sustainability in Dentistry

Click here for an overview summary of each survey.

In addition, IFDH has in development, a White Paper on "Evidence-Based Recommendations." Watch for it coming soon!

We thank P&G for their support of this valuable program.

World Dental Hygienist Awards:
This program is back!

Sunstar World Dental Hygienist Awards logo

The World Dental Hygienist Awards is open for applications for its 2024 edition. After a two-year hiatus forced by Covid-19, Sunstar Foundation and IFDH present a revamped version of the World Dental Hygienist Awards.

New to the World Dental Hygienist Awards program is the integration of two regional Awards of Distinction:
-One for Europe and
-One for North America.

Those from Africa, Asia, Latin America & Oceania can send in their nomination for the World Dental Hygienist Awards directly.

Check out this page to learn the NEW rules and deadline dates.

IFDH 2023-24 Social Responsibility Program:

Sharing Oral Health Knowledge for Sustainable Smiles

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Many of the world's most vulnerable people live in areas that do not have easy access to oral health care. The IFDH is encouraging its members to develop projects that can help close this gap. Projects where Dental Hygienists can share their knowledge of oral health with these vulnerable populations.

Sharing Oral Health Knowledge

Watch our

Materials to Help You & Your Project

To support you in your project, IFDH has developed a fact sheet for getting started. We will also present an online webinar to assist you in planning and implementing your project. Click here for more details.


Click on a title to read an article.


Oral Health Care Project for Vulnerable


New Canadian Standards Released for Long-Term Care Homes
A Healthy Smile Is Good for Your Heart


Support for Members Participating in IFDH International Symposium
Meeting the WHO


Social Media
Women's Conference
Social Responsibility

Slovak Republic

Health insurance companies and payment of dental
Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Chamber of Dentists
Generation Without Decay

United Kingdom

Oral Health Conference



April 14-15: Czech Dental Hygienists Association (ADH CR) - Spring Conference and Assembly of the ADH CR 2023
Prague, Czech Republic

April 21: Belgian Professional Association of Dental Hygienists (BBM) - Conference - "Addiction issues"
Bluopoint Antwerp, Belgium

May 13: German Dental Hygienists Association (DDHV) - CCHV-Kongress
Munich, Germany

May 26: Association of Dental Hygienists of Slovak Republic - National conference: Dental Hygiene Days 2023
Bešeňová, Slovak Republic

June 12: Israeli Dental Hygiene Association (IDHA) - Annual Conference Airport City Convention Center

July 7-9: American Dental Hygienists' Association, 100th Anniversary Annual Conference
New Orleans LA, USA

July 15-16: Korean Dental Hygienists Association (KDHA) - The 45th Academic Conference
Seoul, Korea

September 16-18: Japan Dental Hygienist Association (JDHA) - The 18th Annual Meeting
Shizuoka, Japan

Sept. 22: The Danish Association of Dental Hygienists - Fagkonferencen
Copenhagen, Denmark

October 27-28: Oral Hygienists' Association of South Africa (OHASA) - OHASA AGM and National Conference
Gauteng, South Africa

November 24-25: British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) - Conference - 'We're all the same boat'
Bournemouth, England

Is Your Annual Conference Listed?

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