April 14-15: Czech Dental Hygienists Association (ADH CR) – Spring Conference and Assembly of the ADH CR 2023
Prague, Czech Republic

 April 21: Belgian Professional Association of Dental Hygienists (BBM)– Conference – “Addiction issues”
Bluopoint Antwerp, Belgium

May 13: German Dental Hygienists Association (DDHV) – CCHV-Kongress
Munich, Germany

May 26: Association of Dental Hygienists of Slovak RepublicNational conference: Dental Hygiene Days 2023
Bešeňová, Slovak Republic

June 12: Israeli Dental Hygiene Association (IDHA) – Annual Conference Airport City Convention Center

July 7-9: American Dental Hygienists’ Association, 100th Anniversary Annual Conference
New Orleans LA, USA

July 15-16: Korean Dental Hygienists Association (KDHA) – The 45th Academic Conference
Seoul, Korea

September 16-18: Japan Dental Hygienist Association (JDHA)The 18th Annual Meeting
Shizuoka, Japan

Sept. 21-23: Dental Association of Australia (DHAA) – Symposium – Synergy & Sustainability 
Adelaide, SA, Australia

Sept. 22: The Danish Association of Dental Hygienists – Fagkonferencen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Sept. 22-23: Associazione Igienisti Dentali Italiani (AIDI) – Symposium – Autumn Meeting – Histology of smile between aesthetics and health 
Verona, Italy

October 13-14New Zealand Oral Health Association (NZOHA) – Symposium – Annual Conference
Wellington, New Zealand

October 21-22Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA), – Symposium – 2023 Summit
Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

October 27-28: Oral Hygienists’ Association of South Africa (OHASA) – OHASA AGM and National Conference
Gauteng, South Africa

October 27-28Federación Española De Higienistas Dentales (HIDES), – 34th National Congress –
Valladolid, Spain

November 17-18: The Irish Dental Hygienists Association (Irish DHA) – Back to the Future
Portlaoise, Ireland

November 24-25: British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) – Conference – ‘We’re all the same boat’
Bournemouth, England

December 2, 2023: Dental Science Hygienist Association of Nepal (DSHAN) – International Summit on Oral Hygiene 2023
Pokhara, Nepal