We have assembled a number of resources for dental hygiene professionals as well as those concerned about their dental and oral health.

WHITE PAPER: Evidence-Based Self-Care Recommendations Matter:
Findings from IFDH Global Surveys

The IFDH is excited to share this White Paper on Evidence-Based Self-Care Recommendations.

This valuable resource identifies opportunities and strategies for dental hygienists to make even more impactful evidence-based preventive self-care recommendations based on findings from global IFDH surveys.
These actions will help:

  • Improve patients’ periodontal health;
  • Positively impact patients’ well-being; and
  • Contribute towards sustainable dentistry.

The White Paper is globally relevant given the prevalence of periodontal diseases and their detrimental effects on your patients’ oral health and well-being. The disease burden also has economic and environmental costs to society. In light of these consequences, the World Health Organization and other groups have called for oral health professionals to focus on delivering evidence-based preventive care, which includes instructing patients on effective self-care practices. Dental hygienists are oral health professionals specializing in health promotion and disease prevention, presenting a unique opportunity for dental hygienists to respond to these calls for action. This White Paper is a valuable educational tool to help your members achieve these goals.

The IFDH thanks Procter & Gamble (Crest Oral-B) for sponsoring the surveys and White Paper.

Click here for a pdf of this White Paper

Prevention & Treatment


Over a three-year period, the IFDH will oversee a series of six White Papers with our sponsor to provide evidence-based guidance and information to its 35 national association country members.  The White Papers will be valuable resources to use in advocacy efforts and for collaborating with like-minded stakeholders in dentistry, medicine and education.

The series will show the valuable role of the Dental Hygienist in advancing the World Health Organization’s Global Strategy on Oral Health. The series will also show other professions how Dental Hygienists are a needed member of the healthcare team, and when empowered to practice to the full extent of their abilities can ultimately improve the overall health of their patients. Click here for more information