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HoD Leadership Workshop 2024

Associations may succeed or fail on the strength of their leaders. Do you have the leadership skills to help your association succeed? 

Do you have the leadership skills to help your association succeed?  Leadership issues for associations are many and varied, and they affect every aspect of your organization. This workshop addresses some of the challenges you may face in your organization and will help improve not only how your association functions but will benefit your own professional skills as well. Learn how to promote excellence among volunteer leaders and so much more! The IFDH is committed to a quality in leadership for all its member associations. With that in mind, this workshop will be led by our own delegates who will share their experiences and help provide guidance so that we all may succeed.

How You & Your Association Can Advocate for Change

  • Advocacy at the National Level
    • Learn how national dental hygiene associations can advocate effectively;
  • Grassroots Advocacy
    • Learn how national associations can support grassroots efforts;
  • Tools for Self-Advocacy
    • Learn about the practical tools for national associations to share with individual dental hygienists.

Ondina Love
Canadian Dental Hygienists Association

Association Leadership for the Future

This session will equip leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in leading in a changing association environment. 

A blended discussion on topics to include:

  • Adapting and leading forward with existing organizational structure and resources
  • The importance of inclusion – culture and communication
  • Partnering with others to drive meaningful impact
Tammy Filipiak

Tammy L. Filipiak RDH, MS, FADHA
Vice President of Hygiene Support/Clinical Operations
Smile Brands

Delegates Success Workshop 2022

The Delegates Success Workshop engaged and inspired delegates to fully understand and participate in their important roles and responsibilities to the IFDH. Challenges occur when delegates return to their home countries, and for various reasons, forget and neglect their ongoing responsibilities to the IFDH.

How do we overcome these challenges and become vibrant, active delegates to the IFDH? This leadership workshop equipped delegates with the mindset and commitment to actively support the work of the IFDH as they return home.