Initial Carious Lesions: Protocols for an Effective Remineralization of Tooth Structures

The carious process is a slow, disrupting pathology affecting of hard tissues of the tooth, leading to irreversible damages often requiring at the latest stages invasive restorative treatments, but sometimes the need of tooth extraction.

Participants to the webinar by Dr. Matteo Basso, DDS,PhD, MSc., will be able to:

  • Learn about the active principles able to remineralize dental tissue and the way they act;
  • The right patient selection and the differential diagnosis of enamel and dentinal reversible lesions;
  • Application protocols of remineralizing agents;
  • Treatment of surfaces before and after remineralizing treatments;

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CariesCare International e-learning Series – English and Spanish

The CariesCare International e-learning series explores the different elements of the CariesCare International 4D system, a patient-centred, risk-based approach to caries management designed to help healthcare teams help patients of all ages to control the caries process and maintain health.

Interdental Cleaning to Prevent and Treat Gum Disease

The Sunstar GUM® Virtual Training “Interdental Cleaning to Prevent and Treat Gum Disease” reviews the relative efficacy of different interdental cleaning methods (such as floss, interdental brushes and rubber interdental cleaners), in preventing and treating gingivitis and periodontitis based upon the latest evidence from randomized controlled studies, systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

The 4 modules explore the following about the interdental cleaning methods:

  • The “State of the evidence” and their relative efficacy (module 1)
  • How they contribute to “Prevention” in periodontally healthy patients (module 2)
  • How they contribute to “Treatment” in patients with periodontal disease (module 3)
  • The evidence of the role of “Compliance” in interdental cleaning (module 4).

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Is Good Dental Health A Benefit
Experienced By All?


1 hour in length & 1 CE

Oral disease is a health issue experienced by children and adults living in the United States. The burden of poor dental health affects a disproportionate number of the population in the United States. Many of these individuals represent diverse ethnic groups. As dental professionals what can we do to address the oral health needs of diverse population groups? https://dmhuk8np1ucwy.cloudfront.net/res/COHN/images/logo.pngParticipants will learn:

  • Understand social determinant factors that influence oral health outcomes
  • Describe the population groups that disproportionately experience oral health disparities
  • Explain recommendations to address the oral health needs of diverse population groups

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