Global Oral Health Summit 2022

5:30 pm, Thursday, August 18, 2022
During ISDH
Dublin Convention Centre
Dublin, Ireland

The Global Oral Health Summit 2022 (Part II), consisted of an explanation of the WHO Global Strategies on Oral Health, that we will be dealing with worldwide – on a personal, as well as on an organization level.

One of the pillars of the WHO global oral health agenda was a series of articles on oral health in the Lancet in 2019: “Oral Diseases, a Global Public Health Challenge” and “Ending the neglect of global oral health: time for radical action.” We are delighted that one of the authors of the articles, Dr. Richard G. Watt, contributed as a speaker.

Also Speaking

Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe
George Tsakos, PhD
Professor in Dental Public Health University College London
United Kingdom

Benoit Varenne, DDS, MPH, PhD

World Health Organization (WHO)
Benoit Varenne, DDS, MPH, PhD
Dental Officer – Oral Health Programme

The IFDH Global Oral Health Summit series brings together influential worldwide leaders and stakeholders to discuss how Dental Hygienists can contribute to reduce the burden of oral health diseases and its economic global impact.

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