IFDH eNews: April 2022


IFDH Participates in Developing FDI Consensus Statement on Sustainable Oral Health

FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) c. launched an inaugural Consensus Statement on Environmentally Sustainable Oral Healthcare, aimed at moving the oral healthcare sector towards more environmentally friendly practices that ultimately reduce the carbon footprint of the profession. The Consensus Statement was released on March 31st at a special summit that brought together a diverse range of influential stakeholders, including leading figures from industry as well as health professionals, academic experts, legislative authorities, and oral health associations, including the IFDH.

Oral healthcare contributes to the environmental burden through air pollution arising from the release of CO2associated with travel and transport, incineration of waste, lack of recyclable packaging, the greenhouse gas impact of anaesthetic gases such as nitrous oxide, and the high consumption of water. The Consensus Statement identifies the complex drivers that underpin current behaviors and practices and recommends remediation strategies based on the 4 Rs: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Rethink.

IFDH will hold a workshop for its HoD Delegates on Wednesday, August 10 in Malahide, Ireland to explain sustainability and how this concept affects the professional practice of dental hygienists.

environmentally sustainable oral healthcare

IFDH Provides Article on Dental Hygienists for ACFF

IFDH, via its President Corrie Jongbloed, provided an article for the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF) website, aimed at the general public, who may not know what a Dental Hygienist is, how a Dental Hygienist works alongside the rest of the dental team and how the Dental Hygienist’s role helps prevent caries and cavities. Read more.

Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF)

IFDH Adds to the FDI Pledge on Antibiotic Resistance

IFDH has worked with the FDI AMR Working Group to develop the FDI Pledge on Antibiotic Resistance for oral health associations, showing their commitment to raise awareness about this issue, promote antibiotic stewardship, and contribute to infection prevention and control across dentistry. Read more.

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