IFDH eNews: December 2023


IFDH Announces House of Delegate
Leadership Seminar in Seoul, July 2024

Associations may succeed or fail on the strength of their leaders. Do you have the leadership skills to help your association succeed?  Leadership issues for associations are many and varied, and they affect every aspect of your organization. This workshop addresses some of the challenges you may face in your organization and will help improve not only how your association functions but will benefit your own professional skills as well.  

Learn how to promote excellence among volunteer leaders and so much more! The IFDH is committed to a quality in leadership for all its member associations.

With that in mind, this workshop will be led by our own delegates who will share their experiences and help provide guidance so that we all may succeed.

The workshop will take place on the first afternoon (1 pm – 4 pm) of the House of Delegates 2024 Business Meeting, Monday, July 8, 2024 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Incheon, across the river from Seoul, S. Korea. More details coming soon!

IFDH Distributes its First White Paper!

Evidence-based Self Care Recommendations Matter:
Findings from IFDH 8 Global Surveys

The IFDH is excited to share this White Paper on Evidence-Based Self-Care Recommendations. This valuable resource identifies opportunities and strategies for dental hygienists to make even more impactful evidence-based preventive self-care recommendations based on findings from completed 8 IFDH global surveys completed over the last three years.

These actions will help:

  1. Improve patients’ periodontal health;
  2. Positively influence patients’ overall health; and
  3. Contribute to sustainable dentistry. 

Read the White Paper.


2 New White Papers in Progress

Over a three-year period, the IFDH will oversee a series of six White Papers with Haleon sponsorship to provide evidence-based guidance and information to its 33 national association country members.  The intent of the series is to provide a global perspective on the multi-faceted impact of dental hygienists. In keeping with this theme, the first two papers focus on the role of the dental hygienist in affecting good:

  • Pre-Natal & Pediatrics (Principal author: Hyewon Lee, DrPH, DMD)
  • Behavioral Change (Principal author: Jean Suvan)

Click for all the topics, authors and more information