IFDH eNews: April 2024

Member News


CDHA Supports Healthier Workplaces

CDHA recently conducted its second national Healthy and Respectful Workplace Survey to collect data on the experiences of Dental Hygienists in their work environments. Although the most common issues involving dentists, managers, and co-workers remained the same in 2023 as in 2018, it is encouraging to learn that policies on bullying, harassment, abuse, and violence are being adopted by a greater number of workplaces, as the data show that Dental Hygienists with workplace policies in place experience lower incidences of mistreatment.

Canadian Dental Care Plan

Canada’s new national dental care plan began enrolling eligible seniors in December. Coverage for oral health services will begin in May. Health Canada recently released the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) Dental Benefits Guide for oral health care providers and clients, the Dental Benefits Grids, and the CDCP Claims Processing and Payment Agreement in advance of provider participation registration which opened March 11. CDHA responded to this provider information with a media statement expressing concerns over reimbursement rates and the lack of focus on preventive oral care.). CDHA continues to communicate with government officials on matters related to the plan. The Dental Hygiene Profession is well represented on Health Canada CDCP working groups that are examining communications and engagement, fees setting and preauthorization, and administrative processes.


New Collective Agreement

Higher wages and better pensions are the central themes during the negotiations between Danish Dental Hygienists and the public sector these days. The negotiations must result in a new collective agreement regarding public employed Dental Hygienists. President Elisabeth Gregersen participates in the negotiations together with representatives of, among others, Danish nurses and pharmacologists. So far we have landed a 8,8 % wage growth over the next two years and we hope to be able to send a satisfactory final result to our members within the next few weeks.

50th Anniversary

In May, Danish Dental Hygienists will celebrate our 50th Anniversary, and we will mark this over several festive days.

All members and partners are invited to a reception at Børsen in Copenhagen, where our President Elisabeth Gregersn and the Danish Minister of Health Sophie Løhde will speak. In the following days, we will host a large anniversary conference with exciting presentations from home and abroad. The conference ends with a party, great

The Netherlands

A Full Campaign for National Dental Hygienist Week

This national campaign “A lasting healthy mouth starts with the dental hygienist” starts at the beginning of “The National Dental Hygienist Week”. It emphasizes the importance of good oral care for children and highlights the pivotal role of Dental Hygienists. The target group is parents and caregivers as they shape their children’s health and behavior. The campaign utilizes insights from a recent brand health study the professional association NVM-mondhygiënisten did to craft its message and strategy. It positions the Dental Hygienist as the ultimate authority on oral health, incorporating them as a recognizable figure throughout the campaign.

Additionally, a specially designed online game named “Mouth Mystery,” educates children aged 7 to 12 about oral health and the role of dental hygienists in a fun way. This game will also be launched at the beginning of the Dental Hygienist Week.