IFDH eNews: April 2024


Take Our 9th Survey:

IFDH has been undertaking several surveys since 2019. Its 9th in a series of surveys will help us better understand global practices around orthodontic hygiene. It is now open to all Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists. We thank P&G for their support of this program. The information is very useful and will help guide future learning opportunities. Also, consistent with previous surveys, no personal information is collected and all responses are anonymous.

                Click here to take the 2-minute surveyDeadline: Friday April 26, 2024

See results of all 8 past surveys.

2 New White Papers in Progress

Over a three-year period, the IFDH will oversee a series of six White Papers with Haleon sponsorship to provide evidence-based guidance and information to its 33 national association country members.  The intent of the series is to provide a global perspective on the multi-faceted impact of dental hygienists. In keeping with this theme, the first two papers focus on the role of the dental hygienist in affecting good:

  • Pre-Natal & Pediatrics (Principal author: Hyewon Lee, DrPH, DMD)
  • Behavioral Change (Principal author: Jean Suvan)

Click for all the topics and more information.

World Dental Hygienist Awards:
Presented in Seoul at ISDH!

SunStar World Dental Hygienist AwardsThe new and improved 2024 World Dental Hygienist Awards have now been closed and will be awarded during the International Symposium of Dental Hygiene in Seoul, S. Korea in July 2024. After a two-year hiatus forced by Covid-19, Sunstar Foundation and IFDH present a revamped version of the World Dental Hygienist Awards, broken out into regional Awards of Distinction:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Africa, Asia, Latin America & Oceania:

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Project Winners to Present at ISDH

Congratulations to the recipients of our Social Responsibility Awards for 2023. Thank you to our Committee for their extensive review of applications. The awardees will present their project in a Social Responsibility Workshop at ISDH 2024 in Seoul.

Social Responsibility Logo

IFDH 2023 Innovation Awards Announced & To be Presented at ISDH

An exciting, new IFDH Innovation Awards program, sponsored by Haleon, recognizes innovative Dental Hygienists and Therapists, with a focus on technology and treatment. The 2023 awards, in 2 categories, will be presented at the ISDH in Seoul in July:

  • New approaches or equipment for achieving optimal oral health; or
  • Bringing new treatments or products to the oral health community to enable our colleagues to help their clients/patients achieve a healthy mouth.

Whether as a solo researcher/developer, educator, or as part of a team, Haleon and IFDH want to recognize the 2023 innovators in our midst:

Developed Innovation

1st Place – Cordeze: Debi Rubino Dencek          

2nd Place – Neomorph: Amanda Trenerry

Innovation in Development

1st Place – Digital Platform: Jessica Persson and Sara Bjorns 

2nd Place – Orthodontic Resin Cement: Ji-Won Choi

Click here for a 2024 applicationDEADLINE: December 30th2024

To be Announced at HoD Meeting

Colgate logoThe IFDH Impact Awards, sponsored by Colgate, is offered annually and open to any Full Association Member country of the IFDH. There are a total of 3 prizes awarded in categories based on the size of the organizations. Awards will be presented at the HoD Meeting in Seoul.

The topic that the awards are based on is “the association’s most impactful program that has promoted the improved oral health of your country’s citizens during the current calendar year.” The specific topic may be narrowed each year based on community, children, seniors, etc.

Announcing IFDH 2023 Research Grants Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of our Research Grants for 2023. Thank you to our Education Committee for their extensive review of applications and Dentsply for their sponsorship of this valuable program. The winners are:

1st Place

  • Responsiveness to child abuse and neglect: Roles for oral health practitioners

Han Heuiwon

Northshore, Auckland, New Zealand

2nd Pace

  • Immunohistochemical Expression of the LPS/TLR-4/NF-kB/PD-L1 Axis in Oral Premalignant and Malignant Lesion

Kim Oh Run

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada