IFDH eNews: September 2023

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Oral Health for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum

In 2023, the DHAA Oral Health Promotion and Public Health Committee (OHPPHC) launched a pilot program focusing on Oral Health for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum. DHAA Members and volunteers from across the country hosted information sessions around the World Oral Health Day in March, and Dental Health Week in August for the targeted group and reached out to as many organizations who work with these communities. We thank Colgate Australia for sponsoring toothbrushes and toothpastes for the pilot project.

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This pilot has highlighted the importance and need for more education and awareness on Oral Health, and overall health especially for communities such as refugees and people seeking asylum who have limited access to healthcare. With the success of the pilot, this project is now a recurring annual activity for the DHAA OHPPHC, and will expand to other in-need groups with the growing capacity.


Celebrating 60 Years of Advancing Dental Hygiene in Canada

In 2023, the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association is celebrating it
s 60th anniversary. Please take a few moments to check out the history section of CDHA’s website for an overview of the evolution of the association and profession, a listing of our past presidents, and messages from our founding members

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New Video Interview Series

The Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene, CDHA’s peer-reviewed research journal, just launched “CJDH Between the Lines,” a video interview series dedicated to supporting evidence-informed dental hygiene practice.

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The FREE pilot episode features Salme Lavigne, the journal’s scientific editor, in conversation with Seema Virji, lead author of a recently published case study on myofunctional therapy and malocclusions created by oral habits. In addition to viewing the recording in English with French closed captioning and downloading the article in English or French, CDHA members have exclusive and FREE access to self-reflection questions and a certificate of completion. It’s a great new way to enhance professional development portfolios


Celebrating 30 Years of Dental Hygiene

The IDHA were invited to join the Dublin Dental Hospital at Trinity College Dublin to celebrate 30 years of the introduction of the dental hygiene program in Ireland. It was a fantastic day and lovely to hear about the evolution of dental hygiene in Ireland. (Pictured at right) Yvonne Howell, IDHA President and Course Director of the Dental Hygiene Program in Trinity College Dublin.

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The Israeli Dental Hygiene Association (IDHA) promotes our profession on several levels:

Journal: Our Dental Hygiene scientific magazine published in July contains important scientific articles, information and a summary of the association’s activities and other news from the dental world

Scientific Conference: In June, we held our Scientific Conference. This year all the lecturers were female dentists, researchers and experts in their field. This is an important conference attended by hundreds of Dental Hygienists from all over the country for scientific lectures, a rich dental exhibition and a joyful social event. We ended the conference with choir singing of the dental hygienists.

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Social Responsibility: Our program of Oral Health Education for mentally challenged people and their care givers continues.

Social Media: We sent a certificate with the child’s name from the tooth fairy Facebook site to the children who sent a photo of their first tooth that fell out. We continue to publish posts, information, and ideas for oral health to the general public.


AIDI APP Features and Latest News.

In the last year, AIDI has implemented an app dedicated to Dental Hygienist colleagues and patients, who can use it to quickly connect to the site. The patients, through the app, can find suggestions, information and articles on Oral Hygiene education and correct lifestyles. It also provides them remote assistance and refers to some interventions that AIDI provides to citizens during the International Day, as well as informing the patient about who the Dental Hygienists are and their key role in maintaining Oral Health. For associated colleagues, on the other hand, the app gives the possibility of connecting to a private area, in which there are clinical cases, important news, questionnaires, links with the sites of other important realities such as IFDH for example, and clinical studies and guidelines. Furthermore, through this tool our colleagues have the opportunity to renew their membership fee and find out which regional and national events are organized and to register if they wish to participate.

Slovak Republic

Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary!

In February,ADHS organized the Slovak Dental Hygiene Days 2023 conference, during which ADHS celebrated its 30th anniversary. The conference was also attended by one of the founders of ADHS, Marta Križanová, chief expert of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic for Dental Hygiene and the President of the Slovak Chamber of Medical Technical Workers, which covers ADHS, Iveta Šluchová. This conference was also special for the participants in that, as part of the opening of the conference, there were speeches by four exceptional ladies, the Presidents of Dental Hygienists, President of ADHS, Anna Sloviaková, President of the Slovak Chamber of Medical Technical Workers, Iveta Šluchová, President of the IFDH, Wanda Fedora (online) and EDHF President Ms. Gitany Rederian (online).

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South Korea

Over 1,200 Attendees This Year;
Waiting for More at ISDH 2024!

In July, to commemorate the 46th Anniversary of its founding, the Korean Dental Hygienists Association President of KDHA, Hwang Yun-suk, held the 45th General Academic Conference and KDHEX 22nd Dental Hygienist Day at COEX in Seoul. Over 1,200 Dental Hygienist members participated in this two-day general conference and KDHEX, showing remarkable results.

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Based on the main theme of ‘Dental Hygienists, the Center of Oral Health’, the specialized academic lectures at this general academic conference were actively conducted with four keywords: specialization, globalization, new technology, and cooperation. In particular, the two lectures, The Future of Dental Hygienists (President of IFDH: Wanda Fedora) and Practice of Dental Hygienists for Oral Health Promotion in Japan (President of the JDHA: Yoshida Naomi) attracted a lot of attention on the basis of interaction with IFDH and the JDHA.

Park Jeong-ran, chairman of the promotion committee, who spearheaded the event for this general academic conference, said, “This symposium was a symbol of overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and was able to be held as the largest festival in the Dental Hygiene world.” Besides, “Next year, the 46th General Academic Conference will be held together with the International Federation of Dental Hygienists as the International Dental Hygiene Symposium (ISDH 2024) for three days from July 11th. I hope to see a lot of interest and support for ISDH 2024 so that the world’s dental hygiene community can become one.”

United Arab Emirates

The Emirates Dental Hygiene Club (EDHC) has been very busy this year:

Dubai Tourism Award – In March 2023, Dubai Tourism recognized and awarded EDHC for winning the bid to host the IFDH International Symposium 2028 in Dubai. Hanan and Shaymaa were also honored as members of Al Safeer Congress Ambassadors for Dubai.

The Dental Professionals Approach for a Special Care Patient – In March 2023, in celebration of World Oral health day, EDHC hosted an event to raise awareness of the importance of Oral Health Care for our special care patients in the health care community.

Ramadan 2023 Iftar – In April 2023, EDHC hosted a social event celebrating Ramadan. This event bought together our community of Dental Hygienists on this special occasion.

Guided biofilm Therapy (GBT) Course – In June 2023, EDHC hosted a theory and hands on GBT course for Dental Hygienists in UAE. This two-part course allowed our Hygienists to become familiar with new dental technologies and to better their overall dental skills and knowledge.

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