Information to work in this country is available from

The Norwegian Directorate of Health

Statens Autorisasjonskontor for helsepersonell (SAK)
Postboks 8053 Dep
0031 OSLO, Norway

Procedures and/or documents that are necessary to be able to work in this country

It depends which country you come from. In this website you will have information customized you by answering a few questions about:

  • What documents are required
  • Who to apply
  • Fee
  • Processing time

Are you from countries within the EU, you need the Passport copy, the diploma, Certificate of current Professional status(not older then 3 months), employment verification for the last 5 years.

Education from rest of the world: passport copy, diploma(direct from the institution if the education is from USA), diploma which referring all the subjects, detailed theoretical and pratic education, detailed employment verification and national autoriciation registiration.

Official licensing body in the country

The Norwegian Directorate of Health

Special conditions that may apply for hygienists that obtain employment

Recognition may be limited to a 2 year period.

Contact for Work Permit and/or Visa

The Norwegian Embassy/Consulate in the country of residence

Main local and/or official language(s)

Norwegian. It is required to be fluent in this language.

Are hygienists qualified overseas required to sit the country's national examination?

It depends which country you come from. The dental hygienist in Norway have a bachelor degree

Information on the local working environment

Good working condition

Standard tasks that a hygienist is allowed to undertake in the country

  • Preventy dentistry
  • Examination of the patient
  • Making the diagnosa in caries and periodontal desease
  • Radiography
  • Removal of calculus, plaque and stains from the teeth
  • Teaching oral health issues and interdisciplinary collaboration

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NOTE: The information provided above is for general guidance only. The International Federation of Dental Hygienists advises all hygienists to contact the country’s relevant licensing bodies and agencies for current information and regulations.