Slovak Republic

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Please Visit

Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic
Limbová 2, P.O. BOX 52, 837 52, Bratislava 37
Tel.: +421 2 593 73 111
Fax.: +421 2 547 77 983

Procedures and/or documents that are necessary to be able to work in this country

A degree in dental hygiene is required, in addition to the successful completion of the National Dental Hygienist Examination and licensure from the Minister of Health of the Slovak Republic.

For non-Slovak nationals, a Work Permit/Visa is also required.

Contact the Ministry of Health of Slovak Republic in order to ascertain specific requirements.

Official licensing body in the country

Slovak Chamber of Medical-Technical Workers 
Hasičská 118/2 , P.O.BOX 131, 911 01 Trenčín
tel: +421 32 649 45 45

Special conditions that may apply for hygienists that obtain employment

Contact the Ministry of Health of Slovak Republic in order to ascertain specific requirements.

Contact for Work Permit and/or Visa

Contact the Slovak Embassy/Consulate in the country of residence.

Is a job offer required before a Work Permit/Visa is issued?


Main local and/or official language(s)

Slovak language is the official language. It is necessary to be fluent in this language.

Are hygienists qualified overseas required to sit the country's national examination?


Information on the local working environment

Dental hygienists work in all sectors, including dental practices, hospitals and public health centers. Most work in private practice up to 40 hours per week.

Standard tasks that a hygienist is allowed to undertake in the country

  • As preventive dental specialists, hygienists provide appropriate measures to prevent dental diseases such as tooth decay or gum disease, including scaling, sealant, fluoride, plaque control, nutritional counseling and oral health education.
  • Under the guidance of dentists, hygienists perform an important role as a medical team member by assisting dentists in examinations, procedures and patient care.
  • Hygienists also provide instructions on proper dental care to improve Quality of Life.