IFDH Social Responsibility Program

Award Winners

1st Place: The Road Less Travelled
Carol Martin, USA
2nd Place: Buddhi Bangara Project
Ronald Knevel, Australia
3rd Place: Swiss Dental Help in Myanmar
Aygol Vermot Babaki, Switzerland
1st Place: Children's Tooth Brushing in Rural Townships in South Africa
Jade Lavalle & Hikari Shiga, Canada
2nd Place: Strategic Intervention for New Zealand Disadvantaged Children
Cynthia Wallbridge, New Zealand
3rd Place: The Tooth Fairies at the Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa
Paula-Jane Williams, S. Africa
1st Place: Sun Smiles
Cathryn Carboon, Australia
2nd Place: Gift from the Heart
Bev Woods, Canada
3rd Place: Endless Mission
Hitomi Arimatsu, Japan
2017-19 (See Social Responsibility Member Project Action Plans Book)
Award Winners:

Caries Off
Naveed Awan, Pakistan

Maasai Molar
Rachael England, United Arab Emirates

The Sparkle Brush Program
Maggie Naidoo, South Africa

Oral Health Ambassadors for Frail Elderly Worldwide
Wil Pelkmans, The Netherlands

Honorable Mention:

Sun Smiles
Dental Hygienists Association of Australia, Australia

Gifts from the Heart
Smiles for Miles Initiative
Canadian Dental Hygienists Association, Canada

Diamonds & Pearls
Israeli Dental Hygiene Association, Israel

Oral Health in the Theater of Life
Associazione Igienisti Dentali Italiani, Italy

Establishing a System for DHs Taking Part in Disaster Relief Activities
Japan Dental Hygienist Association, Japan

Oral Health Ambassadors for Frail Elderly Worldwide
Dutch Dental Hygienist Association, Netherlands

Menemene Smiles for Life
New Zealand Dental Hygienist's Association, New Zealand

Caries Off
Naveed Abdul, Pakistan

Teeth for Health
Rose Nobbley, RDH, Philippines

Best Russian Hygienist Contest
Professional Society of Russian Dental Hygienists, Russia

Integrating Oral Health into Early Childhood Development Programme The Sparkle Brush Program
Oral Hygienists' Association of South Africa, South Africa

Maasai Molar
Emirates Dental Hygienists Club, United Arab Emirates

Uniting Students in Ethical Professionalism through Social Responsibility
British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy, United Kingdom

The ADHA Institute for Oral Health
American Dental Hygienists' Association, United States

2020-22: EMPOWERING WOMEN: Gracing Our Faces With Healthy Smiles.
1st Place: Maasai Mama and Baby
Mandy McGill, Canada
2nd Place: Oral Health promotion for abused women and their children in shelters
Israeli Dental Hygiene Association, Israel
3rd Place: Generation Without Decay
Assn. of Dental Hygienists, Slovak Republic
Honorable Mention:

Oral Health in Radio and Chemotherapy
A.I.D.I., Italy

Women and Endometriosis
Stefania Morittu, Italy

Empowering and Educating Girls and Women
Balbir Kaur Sohi Dental Hygiene P.C., Canada

Making Smiles for Teens in Shelters
Israeli Dental Hygiene Association

Gifts of Hope
Beverly Woods, Canada