Social Responsibility Workshop 2019

Life Changing Programs from 17 Countries Delivered Globally

Brisbane, Australia

The attendees at the ISDH 2019 in Brisbane, Australia saw an enthusiastic group of 17 presenters from IFDH Association Member countries deliver updates and news on life changing programs being delivered globally. The diversity of the programs ranged from early childhood education, to underserviced neighbourhood outreach, to delivery of education in homes for disabled youth, through to third world clinics and on to teaching oral care in long term care homes for the elderly. A 50-page book has been published documenting the results.

Award Winners:

  • Caries Off: Naveed Awan (Pakistan)
  • Maasai Molar: Rachael England (United Arab Emirates)
  • The Sparkle Brush Program: Maggie Naidoo (South Africa)
  • Oral Health Ambassadors for Frail Elderly Worldwide: Wil Pelkmans (The Netherlands)
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