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No, but in Spain we are TECNITIEN

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The majority of dental hygienists are employed in private dental practices

Standard tasks that a hygienist is allowed to undertake in the country

Article 10.
  1. The Dental Hygienist is entitled to vocational education degree whose powers in the field of health promotion and oral and dental health education, data collection, conducting health screenings, advice hygienic and preventive individual and collective action, and collaboration in epidemiological studies.
  2. Dental Hygienists may also as assistants and collaborators of Physicians and Dentists Optional, perform technical health functions that are identified in Article 11.2.
Article 11.
  1. In the field of Public Health, dental hygienists may perform the following functions:
    1. Collect data on the status of the oral cavity for clinical or epidemiological use.
    2. Health education practice individually or collectively, instructing on oral hygiene and dietary control measures necessary for the prevention of oral-dental disease processes.
    3. Control measures to prevent patients to perform.
    4. Conduct examinations of oral health in the Community.
  2. Technical assistance materials, dental hygienists may perform the following functions:
    1. Apply topical fluoride in its various forms.
    2. Place and remove retraction cords.
    3. Place fissure sealants with non-invasive techniques.
    4. Perform polishing fillings eliminating any excess therein.
    5. Place and remove rubber dam.
    6. Remove stones and dental stains and make detartrajes and polished.
  3. Dental Hygienists develop the functions outlined in the previous section as assistants and collaborators of Physicians and Dentists Optional, excluding its functions prosthetic prescription or treatment, drug dosage, the extent of recipes, the application of anesthetics and performing operative procedures and restaurateurs.

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NOTE: The information provided above is for general guidance only. The International Federation of Dental Hygienists advises all hygienists to contact the country’s relevant licensing bodies and agencies for current information and regulations.