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Swiss Dental Hygienists
Stadthof, Bahnhofstrasse 7B, CH-6210 Sursee
Tel: +41 41 926 0790 • Fax: +41 41 926 0799 • Email: info@dentalhygienists.ch

Procedures and/or documents that are necessary to be able to work in this country

Applicant should have had at least 1 year’s working experience before applying for employment. A work permit is required and the prospective employer initiates formalities to obtain this.

Special conditions that may apply for hygienists that obtain employment


Contact for Work Permit and/or Visa

A work permit is required and the prospective employer initiates formalities to obtain this. For Visa information, contact the Swiss Embassy/Consulate in the country of residence.

Is a job offer required before a Work Permit/Visa is issued?


Main local and/or official language(s)

German, French and Italian. It is not necessary to be fluent in these languages, but would be an advantage.

Are hygienists qualified overseas required to sit the country's national examination?


Information on the local working environment

Average full time employment is 42 hours a week with 4 weeks vacation and national holiday entitlement.

Standard tasks that a hygienist is allowed to undertake in the country

  • Nonsurgical periodontal therapy
  • Removes supra and sub gingival calculus
  • Removal of overhanging margins of restorations
  • Polishing fillings
  • Dental and periodontal charting
  • Tooth vitality testing
  • Radiography
  • Oral health education
  • Anesthesia
  • Office and home bleaching of vital teeth
  • Smoking cessation interventions
  • Nutrition recommendations

Further information

It is customary for the prospective employer to help the applicant find living accommodation but is not his/her responsibility to pay the monthly rent.

Medical and accident insurance is necessary.

Job opportunities are good but speaking one of the languages of Switzerland will enhance the chances of a job offer.

Country Statistics

Total Population7,400,000
Number of Dental Hygienists, Female / Male1,800 / Some
Number of Dentists5,000
Number of Dental Hygiene Schools / Students per year4 / 80
Practicing Dental Hygienists: Full-time / Part-time60% / 40%
Number of Dental Hygienists in private sector / public sector95% / 5%
Number of Dental Hygienists in independent practice79 full time
21 part time
Number of Dental Hygienists practicing as Clinicians1650
Number of Dental Hygienists practicing as Educators70
Hygienists practicing as Administrators and/or Consultants10

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NOTE: The information provided above is for general guidance only. The International Federation of Dental Hygienists advises all hygienists to contact the country’s relevant licensing bodies and agencies for current information and regulations.