United Arab Emirates

Licensing is governed by each Emirate.

Dubai Health Authority

Abu Dhabi Health Authority

Ministry of Health UAE

The licensing requirements vary between the health authorities, for further information contact us or speak to them directly.

Applying for professional licence

This is done through the relevant health authority. Minimum 2 years qualification ie. 2 year diploma or 3 year BSc. (unfortunately anyone with a 1 year qualification can no longer register). Only hygiene is recognized here, no therapy.

4/5 years’ experience is the norm. You will need a letter confirming your work history from each practice, on headed paper.
“I confirm Mr/Ms XXXX worked here from XX/XX to XX/XX”

Other documents required

  • Letter of good standing from the GDC – you can apply for this online.
  • CPR certificate
  • Indemnity Insurance Certificate
  • Copy of your Diploma/Degree
  • Syllabus of your course
  • DHA application form
  • Passport photos/passport copy


  • Hilary Browne – president
    Hanan Abdalla – vice president
    Karina Carniato Kashmiri – secretary

NOTE: The information provided above is for general guidance only. The International Federation of Dental Hygienists advises all hygienists to contact the country’s relevant licensing bodies and agencies for current information and regulations.