IFDH eNews: June 2023

Program News

World Dental Hygienist Awards:
This Program is in Process!

The World Dental Hygienist Awards has been open for applications for its 2024 edition. After a two-year hiatus forced by Covid-19, Sunstar Foundation and IFDH present a revamped version of the World Dental Hygienist Awards.

New to the World Dental Hygienist Awards program is the integration of regional Awards of Distinction:

  • Europe and North America: This deadline has passed.
  • Africa, Asia, Latin America & Oceania: Deadline: March 31st, 2024

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SunStar World Dental Hygienist Awards

IFDH 2023-24 Social Responsibility Program:

Sharing Oral Health Knowledge for Sustainable Smiles

Many of the world’s most vulnerable people live in areas that do not have easy access to oral health care. The IFDH is encouraging its members to develop projects that can help close this gap. Projects where Dental Hygienists can share their knowledge of oral health with these vulnerable populations, whether it be in a:

  • Remote community that does not have Dental Hygienists
  • Long-term care facility where nurses are responsible for care
  • Daycare where teachers spend entire days with young children
  • Hospital where oral health care needs are often overlooked, etc.
Social Responsibility: Sharing Oral Health Knowledge

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Materials to Help You & Your Project

To support you in your project, IFDH has developed a fact sheet for getting started. We will also present an online webinar to assist you in planning and implementing your project. Click here for more details

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