2024 Global Oral Health Summit
At ISDH, Seoul, S. Korea, July 12th:

Global Perspectives on the Changing Demands of Oral Healthcare

Awareness – Policy – Technology – Opportunities & More!

The IFDH Global Oral Health Summit series brings together influential worldwide leaders and stakeholders to discuss how Dental Hygienists can contribute to reduce the burden of oral health diseases and its economic global impact.

Learn perspectives from a panel of experts from 4 countries:

  • Revolutionizing Dental Hygiene

    Dr. JoAnn Gurenlian (United States)

  • The Future Oral Health Practitioner

    Rachel England (United Kingdom)

  • Reimagining Dental Hygiene through Core Values

    Nicole Stormon (Australia)

  • Rebranding Oral Health & the Workforce

    Dr. Hyewon Lee (South Korea)