IFDH President's Report

June 2020

The IFDH Global Oral Health Summit Is a Historic Event for Dental Hygienists

In a few weeks, the first IFDH Global Oral Health Summit will take place!

We are very delighted that so many international organisations and world leaders from the:

  • World Health Organisation (WHO),
  • World Dental Federation (FDI),
  • International Association for Dental Research (IADR),
  • International Journal of Dental Hygiene (IJDH),
  • Alliance for a Cavity Free Future (ACFF),
  • Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe (PBOHE),
  • European Dental Hygienists Federation (EDHF) and
  • A Global Oral Health Policy Consultant

…have all committed to contribute to this Summit.

This unique event is supported and made possible by our corporate partners DentsplySirona, Colgate and P&G.

Learn How We Can All Contribute More
The overall question of the Summit is: how can the Dental Hygiene profession contribute to resolve the global burden of dental diseases and what is needed to realize “Oral Health for all” by 2030?

A huge challenge…but I am convinced that if we share this global goal and vision, if the oral health workforce collaborates, if we include other healthcare providers, if we use policy recommendations to convince policy makers to put oral health on the agenda, it can be accomplished!

Have You Registered Yet?
If you have not registered for this inspiring and challenging Summit yet – prerecorded sessions available from June 15th and a live Round Table session with the above world leaders on June 26th – please register as soon as possible. You will not regret it and are rewarded with 5 CE credit hours for your personal countinious education portfolio!

Our 35th Anniversary Represents Growth of Over 55% in the Last Decade!
The Summit’s Roundtable session on June 26th will also be the start of IFDH’s 35th Anniversary. During the past decade, the Federation grew from 23 to 36 Association Members, a growth of over 50% and now representing almost 90.000 Dental Hygienists worldwide!

With a strong history of research, education, communication, social responsibility and bringing together dental hygienists at the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene, we are proud to present the 35th Anniversary video on our website from 26th June on. Please share this video with your National Association and individual members and visit our website for an update of our new programs and awards: www.IFDH.org.

Next On Our Agenda: ISDH 2022 in Dublin!
After the Summit, we will continue preparing for the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene 2022 (Dublin, Ireland) , together with the Irish Dental Hygienists Association Local Organizing Committee and the International Scientific Committe (Call for Papers Deadline: October 1, 2021) and the continuation of the IFDH Social Responsibility Program and the Global Oral Health Summit, Phase 2.

See more information in the June issue of our eNews.

I sincerely hope that by 2022, we all have recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic and will meet again in Dublin, in person. Looking forward to that moment!

Corrie Jongbloed,
President IFDH