IFDH President's Report:

June 2022

The Future in Our Hands

International Symposium on Dental Hygiene: ISDH2022

Finally, a Meeting in Person!
After two years full of challenges and not being able to meet in person, we are all very much looking forward to gathering and catching up with colleagues and friends during the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in Dublin, Ireland, in August 2022! A symposium with education delivered over three days and a wide range of topics, speakers and presentations to choose from, a poster exhibition, and a large trade show. After which, delegates will be up to date about the latest (scientific) developments in the profession and the latest insights regarding new materials, products, and technical innovations.

Get 16 Continuing Education Credits (CPD or ECEC)
The Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) was asked to peer review the program content to evaluate if it met the expected standards of an international meeting for oral health professionals and educators. The ADEE panel reviewed a total of 90 sessions which included a mix of invited speakers, sponsored speakers, submitted and oral presentations. All were found to be relevant, topical and of interest to the target health professionals and academics. ADEE is pleased to recommend the Symposium and confirms that attendance at this conference would equate to 16 hour CPD or ECEC (d).

Registration and Airline Discounts
Registration is still possible and travel to Dublin is safe, as witnessed by the 750+ registrants to date! Please visit the website of the Symposium – www.isdh2022.com – and have a look at the interesting scientific program, the exhibitors, the social events, and the discount for flights to Dublin. And hopefully, we will see you in Dublin, in August 2022!

Why is “The Future in Our Hands”?
Theme of the Symposium… I was asked in what way this theme has influenced the direction and program of the event. My answer was the flowing: In a 2019 report, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that there were more than 3.5 billion cases of oral disease globally – most of them preventable. Preventive oral health care is the core business of dental hygienists, so if we want to contribute to resolving the burden of oral disease, we have to take the future in our hands and focus, even more than we do now, on prevention.

To create awareness for this global oral health problem, the burden of oral diseases and their economic impact globally, IFDH organized a ‘Global Oral Health Summit’ in 2021, featuring influential worldwide leaders and stakeholders on oral health, public health, education, research, public policy, and industry. This global issue will be addressed again at our Global Oral Health Summit, during ISDH2022 by invited speaker Prof. Richard G. Watt, co-author of the Lancet Series on Oral Health and introduced virtually by Dr. Benoit Varenne, WHO Dental Officer and Prof. Georgios Tsakos, Chair of the European Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe.

WHO Draft Global Strategy on Oral Health

The burden of oral disease and the importance of oral health has been recognized by the World Health Assembly in 2021, which has resulted in the adoption of the Resolution on Oral Health and the development of the WHO Draft Global Strategy on Oral Health.

Joint Statement of IFDH and EDHF
IFDH and EDHF (the European Dental Hygienists Federation) have released a Joint Statement on the WHO draft Global Strategy on Oral Health. In the statement we focus on the role of the dental hygienist. Not only as the key provider of individual preventive oral health care, but also on the role dental hygienists can play in public health and social responsibility programs to improve oral health of communities and individuals.

I am very pleased IFDH contributed with several social responsibility programs, supported by DENTSPLY, to resolve this global oral health issue in several places in the world! In the Statement, we recommend Member States to prioritize the training of dental hygienists and encourage our member organizations to become more involved as creators and providers of more efficient, prevention focused and sustainable oral health care systems. I sincerely hope you, as our member organizations, will adapt and support our statement by disseminating it to your members!

House of Delegates Business Meeting

I’m also very excited about having our 2-day HoD Business Meeting and seeing our delegates from our member countries! To date, we have 22 countries represented who will discuss current IFDH programs, new ideas and the business side of IFDH. In addition this year, we will have a Leadership Workshop and a Sustainability Seminar, all in the beautiful seaside town of Malahide, Ireland.

Sustainability Explained to Our Members
Last but not least: Sustainability in Dentistry. Initiated by the FDI and supported by several corporate partners, a consensus on Environmentally Sustainable Oral Health Care was reached on March 30th, 2022, in a Joint Stakeholder Statement. To inform and to create awareness for this important topic, Prof. Nicolas Martin, Project Leader, and Principal Investigator of the project, will address the IFDH House of Delegates (HoDs) during the HoD Business Meeting, prior to the ISDH, in a separate Sustainability Seminar.

Feedback on Sustainability in Our June Survey
After a series of surveys on oral health related issues, supported by P&G, the upcoming IFDH survey will have sustainability as a topic. It is meant to provide us with valuable information on the views of sustainability from dental hygienists. It will be very much appreciated if you participate by June 20 and forward to your colleagues to participate.

I’m looking forward to seeing our colleagues in Ireland in August!

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